The Benefits of Audio Books

Updated for July 2018

Audio books have become an increasingly popular alternative to printed books over the past few years.


  • Accessibility - Audio book services allow customers to enjoy their books on the go, and to listen to their selected reading materials at any time and from anywhere on their (compatible) Ereaders, mobile phones and handheld devices.
  • Multi-Tasking - Whether you are on a treadmill, riding the bus, or cooking in your kitchen, audio book services will enable you to access and listen to your favorite books with the press of a button.

  • Affordability - Since audio books do not have the same overhead as printed books do, they are relatively more affordable than the latter. Customers can now enjoy their favorite books, in audio format, for as little as $1 per book.
  • Diversity - Since audio books have become such a popular commodity, and since they are so accessible, audio book customers will find that the audio book selection is much more diverse than that of printed books. Consequently, audio book customers can enjoy popular titles, as well as more eclectic titles.
  • Exposure - Since audio books are so accessible, customers may find themselves enjoying book titles that they would normally not have had the time to read.