How to Choose the Best Audio Books Service

Updated for December 2018

Providing a fun, breezy read, audio books are becoming a popular trend. Consequently, one can now find a multitude of audio book and audio content providers online. How, then, would you go about choosing the best sites to download audio books?

Here’s how:

1. Are you looking to rent your audio books, stream them instantaneously or download them directly to your mobile or handheld devices? You will find that not all audio book sites provide the same services. For example, will allow you to rent audio book CDs and have them delivered to your home, as well as download and stream audio books with your mobile devices, while services such as Simply Audiobooks do not allow for downloads and will only provide customers with audio book CD rentals.

2. The type of mobile device or medium you wish to play your audio books on will help determine the best sites to download audio books for you, as not all audio book services provide the same audio formats, and not all formats are compatible with all devices. For example, if you were interested in playing your audio books on your iPhone or iPad, you would need to make sure that your chosen audio books provider carried audio content in MP3 format.

3. Price is always a major contributor in helping decide what audio book provider to choose. You will find that some audio book providers are more costly than others, some give their customers access to free audiobooks or free trials each month, while some are simply cheaper than others. The cost of your audio books will not only be determined by the quality of the audio content provided, it is also determined by whether or not the audio content in question is DRM free (i.e. content that does not involve digital rights management), how popular or recent your chosen audio book is, etc.