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The Benefits of Audio Books

Joe Schwartz

Audio Book Services Editor

Learn all about the benefits of audio books and the pros of choosing audio books over printed books.

Audio books have been available since the late eighties, early nineties, in cassette and CD form, and were predominantly used for educational purposes. Over the past couple of years, audio books have gained in popularity for recreational uses with the emergence of smartphones and handheld devices.

What are some of the benefits of audiobooks over regular, printed books?

Accessibility - Audiobooks can be instantaneously streamed or downloaded onto a variety of mobile and handheld devices, including Apple and Android devices, providing that the audio format is compatible with the device. Audiobook users are afforded the opportunity of listening to their chosen books anytime and from anywhere, and many users find the ease of listening to books less of a strain on their attention.

Affordability - Audiobooks are generally far more affordable than printed books since they do not incur the overhead that is involved in printed books. Also, many audiobook providers give their customers the opportunity to enjoy free trials and free audiobooks monthly upon subscription.

Diversity - Since it is easier and more cost-efficient to produce audiobooks, on the whole, you may find more unique titles from independent authors in audiobooks libraries than you would in printed libraries.

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